About Us

In debt of the greats.

Kashi Academy is rallying professionals and consumers from all walks of life into the practice of looking up to the immense treasure of curative sciences of the Indian Occult.

Vastu Shastra

Interpretations in modern urban settings. Best practices and solutions.

Aroma Science

Using Aroma as acarrier of Vastu benefits, and fixing energy of entities.

Plant Energy

Study of Plant energy dispersal for planetary conjunctions & its effects on people & places.


Blending architecture, aroma and energy science using numbers.

Modern Problems

Adapting the ancient methods into modern for best results.

Vedic Literature

Exploring the immense literature of India and finding curative insights.

Short Term

KAHI empowers Occult practitioners with tools and products based on original research to benefit their clients with predictable results. By doing this, we popularise the science and the practitioner in good light and add to the prosperity and belief in our society.

Mid Term

KAHI is deploying researchers and enthusiasts into abandoned niches of Indian history and occult literature to dig out curative insights. Later, we convert these findings into teachable modules and disseminate them through our curated training programs.

Long Term

We envision creating an ecosystem that nurtures and promotes the scientific investigation, documentation, and public acceptance of the great traditional wisdom our Rishi-Munis left for us. Doing this, we intend to propel Indic thought on the world stage.

Leading the Way

Dr. Kunwar Sawhney

Dr. Sawhney is an acclaimed occult consultant with an experience of 18 years in the fields of Vastu and Numerology. Fueled by his deep curiosity, Dr. Kunwar Sawhney worked on India's 1st research thesis in numerology in 2016.

His areas of interest include adopting Vedic Hindu architecture methods of Ayadi Vastu Sthapatya to modern standards of geobiology, SBS (Sick Building Syndrome), Earth Radiations, Geopathic stress, Radon gas neutralization and Negative energy (entities/spirits), etc.

Dr. Sawhney is an advisor to various business houses and advertising companies. His latest work with essential oils, Aroma Vastu, has been awarded at different platforms, including Forest Research Institute, Dehradun, and AIFAS (All India Federation of Astrologers societies.

A Joint Effort

Our Team

Kunwar Sawhney
Indic Researcher & Vastu/Jyotish Consultant
Himanshu Rai
& Social Worker
Prof. R. C. Pandey
Acclaimed Indic Scholar
Ex. Dean, Jyotish, BHU
Anupam Raghuvanshi
Eminent Educationist
& Motivational Speaker
Sudhir Mishra
Hardutt Mishra
Senior Advocate & Member, Copyright & Patents, Asia
Ritu Rai
Social Entrepreneur
Vindhya Vasini Singh
Social Entrepreneur
Raj Kr. Kothari
Social Activist
Pratima Rai
Social Entrepreneur
Our Roots

Born in Kashi

KAHI is blessed to be based in the oldest and perhaps the most spiritual city on planet Earth, Kashi. This ancient city inspires our daily efforts and works as the perfect nerve center of Indic culture, traditions, pilgrims, scholars, scientists, and entrepreneurs.