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Learn on your Mobile or Computer about different forms of imbalances such as cuts extensions, wrongly placed kitchen or toilet, etc. Method of correct the energy transmission also the tilted alignment .
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From the Professionals

“I love how simple the approach is to get all the energy diagnosis done.”
Acharya Chirag Joshi, Gujarat
"The training team are legendary. One just can't get this anywhere else..."
Ashwini Bhave, Gurgaon
"Everyone just loves the modular structure of the trainings.."
Shubhra Pandey
“I had high expectations and they were all surpassed by Sawhney Ji's Vastusaar.”
Surajeet Shastri, Kolkata


What is Vastu Adhaar ?
Vastu Adhaar is the beginning to start Aroma Vastu site balancing using BHAUM vastu energy oils. During this course, you will learn about  cuts extensions, wrongly placed kitchen or toilet, etc.

Method to correct the energy transmission also the tilted alignment (Disha & Vidisha plots) guided in Aroma Vastu book.

By the end of this course, you can quickly start your professional practice and experience the most straightforward and most updated researches on Vastu correction.
What is the Syllabus of this program?
. Compass & Google Earth
. Directional attributes
. Panchtatva and Vaat, Pitt, Kaph in correction
. Geopathic radiation neutralization
. Effects on health
. Different methods to use essential oils in vastu
. Live Insertion & Diffusion techniques
. Step by step using BHAUM & AYATAN
. Methods to correct plot cuts, extensions, kitchen, toilets, stairs and doors/openings
. Methods to create virtual entry with BHUWALI
. 180 effect Theory
. Soul direction & Element energizing as per birth details.


1 - 3 Days Certificate Program
Can be conducted Live/Online
Full day session optional site visit


You need to have attended Vastu Aarambh courses of KAHI or practical site Experience of not less than 3 years.


Doubt-clearing Sessions
Study Material
Six Months Support
"A comprehensive analysis of how problem diagnosis approaches in Vastu"
Dr. Kunwar Sawhney, Lead Instructor
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