Entrance Door Energizer kit for professionals who tackle the most pressing energy correction projects. A kit with four cartridges, and in four variations pertaining to the four possible directions of entrances in any home.
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"These blends hold the potential to singlehandedly fix a multitude of energy problems in a home"
Dr. Kunwar Sawhney
Lead Researcher

The cosmic energy works multidimensionally, with several zones contributing to form the more considerable Brahmasthan energy. Often, the entrance to a home is the most significant source of this energy to the entire structure of dwelling. Owing to its inherent nature, however, this can sway both ways. The correct directional entrance benefits are numerous- name, fame, health, education, and whatnot. But the opposite is also possible, and interestingly very common in most modern constructions.

Kashi Academy of Holistic Sciences took upon itself to research into this data, collected over a long period, which led us to develop a proprietary Bhuwali blend of oils, which, when applied, work as a booster and give instant relief and prolonged happiness to the troubled family. Highly accessible compared to traditional solutions such as Yantras, Crystals, etc., Dr. Kunwar Sawhney's Bhuwali, though unnoticeably subtle in its form factor, is a highly effective Vastu enhancers, and a perfect solution to the problem pertaining to entrance door energies.

Cartridge Configuration for Entrance Door. Booster iterates with the facing Direction

Some salient points related to Bhuwali:

  • Vastu Energy works multidimentionaly, in eight primary directions, with several zones contributing to brahmasthan energy.
  • Entrance is the most significant source of energy to the entire structure. Power can be positive or negative.
  • Benefits of correct directional entrance results in Name, Fame, Health, Education, Spirituality, Relationships, Career, Mental Peace
  • Disadvantages of wrong entrance results to Divorce, Accidents, Prolonged disease, Loss of Wealth, Death, bad name in society, etc.
  • Aroma Vastu's research /observation has been that more than 70% of problematic houses have a wrong entry.
  • Correction of the entrance when done works as a booster and gives instant relief and prolonged happiness.
  • Physical door shifting is not possible; if done, that creates a mess and is impractical because of the approach to the outside road.
  • Application of traditional remedies (Yantra, Crystals, Metals) are expensive or attracts undesired attention; visitor gets a message of the family being orthodox.
  • Dr.Kunwar Sawhney, with professional experience of more than 20years, created a remedy using traditional principles and new-age technology.
  • BHUWALI kit has four cartridges (3 openers & 1 Door closer)
  • The synergy of 13 essential oils is very rare and expensive, and creates sublime ripples in the fabric of a Home's energy field.
  • High Energy dispersal
  • Suitable for 800SqFt (2BHK)   4,500 SqFt Builtup area.
  • Exact Lucky Enterance Degrees
  • East 800, West 2600, North 3500, South 1700, as mentioned in MAYAMATAM written by Rishi Maye.
  • Easy to Install
  • Long duration of effect
  • Affordable

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